Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tips on Finding the Perfect Pet for an Urban Apartment with Igor Purlantov

Igor Purlantov makes his home in New York City. He is also a huge animal supporter. Choosing a pet and developing a successful relationship for both parties will take some planning and thought. The first thing someone should never do is make an impulsive decision when it comes to acquiring a pet. Rescue centers and animal shelters are full of unwanted pets. Igor Purlantov encourages people to be responsible when it comes to bringing a pet into one's home. The commitment to bringing a pet home should be serious and it should occur after much thought and planning.

After the thoughtful decision has been made to actually get a pet there are just a few more things to consider according to Igor Purlantov. Most urban residents live in apartments. Does your apartment building have rules that govern keeping a pet in the building? Does the adoption of a pet require an additional security deposit? Gather the answers to these questions and then continue in the decision making process.

The next step is to determine the level of maintenance you are willing to take on. Dogs will typically fall at the high end of this hierarchy and fish on the low end. There are options in between; cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and birds. A note on both birds and dogs: there is a potential for noise with both. A squawking bird and yapping or barking dog may not make you extremely popular with your neighbors. An even more severe scenario could involve you being asked to get rid of the pet or leave the building. Some animals shed more than others. Having a pet is a lot of work you need to decide how much extra work you are willing to take on. Don't forget about dog walking, litter box scooping, and cage or aquarium cleaning. Igor Purlantov recommends making a careful decision. He does not want to discourage anyone from adopting a pet, he just wants to make sure the pairing lasts a lifetime.

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