Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Igor Purlantov Notices Decline of House Pets

Igor Purlantov is an animal rights supporter and blames the economy for the decline of household pets. According to Igor Purlantov, the United States has long been a leader when it comes to the number of households with pets. But by the end of 2011, American households had over 7 million fewer cats and 2 million fewer dogs than in 2006. Igor Purlantov explains this statistic comes from the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

Igor Purlantov says the decline in household pets is two-fold. Not only is there a decline in two parent homes, but the stagnant economy and changing demographics has led to fewer pets being adopted. According to Igor Purlantov, this is the first decline in cat or dog households since 1991. The changing demographic includes couples without children and an aging population, both of which Igor Purlantov explains; "Are demographics that are less likely to have pets at home."

Despite the decline in household pets, there are more animal rescue groups and shelters across the United States. Igor Purlantov is thrilled that the majority of these shelters continue to be no-kill shelters. Igor Purlantov is hopeful that the decline in household pets is temporary. As an animal rights supporter, Igor Purlantov supports the no-kill policy and supports the spaying and neutering of pets. 

Igor Purlantov says there are about 74 million cats and just under 70 million dogs in homes, but this is far below the 80 million cats and 80 million dogs that there were in 2006. Igor Purlantov hopes the trend of homeless cats and dogs will reverse. He is an advocate for pet adoption and educating pet parents on getting animals fixed in order to control pet population. Igor Purlantov hopes pet adoptions will increase to the rate prior to the 2006 decline.

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