Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Igor Purlantov Emphasizes the Rewards of Philanthropy

Igor Purlantov is a well respected philanthropist. His efforts focus on improving the quality of life for animals. Philanthropy means to show goodwill. Philanthropy can be a rewarding experience for anyone. Sometimes people may think that philanthropists are only those individuals who donate millions of dollars to a cause. Igor Purlantov wants to remind individuals that philanthropy can occur very effectively on a much smaller scale.

Individuals who are interested in promoting philanthropy should determine a cause about which they are passionate. True passion and devotion to a cause are trademarks of a successful philanthropist. Igor Purlantov finds his calling for philanthropy in the cause of animal rights. One of the ways that Igor Purlantov promotes his cause is through extensive writing about animals. His writings express the opinions and views he has about protecting animals. He also uses social media to promote the issues that surround animal rights. Igor Purlantov hopes that others will find his writing inspiring and that will in turn lead to more support for animal rights.

Igor Purlantov encourages individuals to always research any existing organization to which one may consider making a monetary donation or a donation of time. It is important that the leadership and mission of the organization one decides to support is a good match for the individual. Igor Purlantov also suggests using a research tool like Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator provides resources for those looking to donate, including tracking charities' performance and effectiveness.

The decision to practice philanthropy is extremely rewarding according to Igor Purlantov. Over 600,000 foundations and charities are currently operating in the United States. Charities are experiencing an increase in demand as a result of decreasing government subsidies. Igor Purlantov suggests that now is the perfect time for individuals to start researching and donating. The rewards of a philanthropic act will be immediate.

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