Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lifelong Advantages of Phi Beta Kappa Membership with Igor Purlantov

Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest academic honor society. The society was formed in 1776 during the American Revolution at the College of William and Mary. The focus of Phi Beta Kappa has remained consistent through today. The society strives to promote the liberal arts and sciences. Phi Beta Kappa students should demonstrate tolerance for other views, a broad range of academic interests, and intellectual integrity. The Greek initials used in the society's motto mean, "Love of learning is the guide of life". Igor Purlantov was invited to join Phi Beta Kappa during his undergraduate years at the University of California, Berkeley.

Igor Purlantov notes that there are clear benefits of membership in the organization. He encourages all potential college students to consider attending a college or university that has a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. The benefits of membership extend well beyond the college years according to Igor Purlantov. Only about ten percent of the nation's colleges and universities have Phi Beta Kappa chapters. The college search process should definitely include looking for the presence of Phi Beta Kappa.

Phi Beta Kappa is extremely selective and membership must be extended to students. Only about one in every one hundred college and university student is asked to join the organization. This elite status is really impressive to both graduate schools and potential employers according to Igor Purlantov. Graduate programs can be very competitive Phi Beta Kappa membership can offer students an extra edge in the admissions process.

Igor Purlantov also cites the networking potential for members after graduation. Phi Beta Kappa publishes The Key Reporter, it is distributed to all lifetime members. The journal focuses on prominent members as well as resources and benefits of Phi Beta Kappa membership. Alumni Associations also exist in many communities where members can meet to share ideas and exchange information.
Igor Purlantov encourages lifetime membership in Phi Beta Kappa.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Yale Club of New York: Igor Purlantov

Igor Purlantov is a strong advocate of establishing and maintaining relationships. Solid relationships are very important to Igor Purlantov in both his personal and professional life. Igor Purlantov really enjoys spending time at the Yale Club of New York. The Yale Club of New York offers members the opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues in a charming setting.

The Yale Club of New York is a private club that boasts a membership roster of over 11,000 members. It is the largest private club in the world. Membership to the Yale Club of New York is restricted to individuals who have an affiliation with Yale University, Dartmouth College, or the University of Virginia. Igor Purlantov is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law.

The Yale Club of New York in located on Vanderbilt Avenue in New York City. The Yale Club of New York is housed in an impressive 22-story neoclassical building. As a resident of New York City, Igor Purlantov is able to frequently take advantage of the Yale Club of New York's many amenities. The Yale Club of New York offers members access to an onsite athletic facility. The facility includes squash courts, a swimming pool, free weights, and exercise equipment. Igor Purlantov is impressed with the breadth of amenities the Yale Club of New York offers members.

The clubhouse may have an intimidating and stately fa├žade, but the interior of the Yale Club of New York is both warm and inviting. The members as well as a recent $10 million capital improvement project can take the credit for a welcoming atmosphere. The Yale Club of New York is a wonderful place to network, catch up with old classmates, or enjoy dinner with your family. Clients always enjoy lunch at the Yale Club of New York. Igor Purlantov is a proud member of the Yale Club of New York.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Advantages of Attending the University of Virginia School of Law: Igor Purlantov

Igor Purlantov believes that the University of Virginia School of Law offers students many advantages. The University of Virginia School of Law is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. The university offers the amenities of an urban city nestled in a picturesque natural setting. Charlottesville is just two hours south of Washington, D.C. The beautiful setting of the campus serves to encourage learning and personal growth. Igor Purlantov is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law. He has seen firsthand the advantages of earning a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Virginia School of Law.

The University of Virginia School of Law boasts impressive accolades as one of the top ranked law schools in the country. The University of Virginia School of Law has an extremely competitive admissions process that attracts the best and the brightest to the campus. Igor Purlantov credits the highly competitive nature of the university with helping to prepare him for the challenges of operating in a complex business world.

Igor Purlantov also emphasizes the university's commitment to providing students with resources and connections to participate in community service activities. Volunteering is an important part of a student's life at the University of Virginia School of Law. Students are encouraged to become well rounded, altruistic citizens, according to Igor Purlantov. Igor Purlantov has translated the lesson on community activism into becoming a well respected animal rights supporter. He writes about his commitment to improving the lives of animals and also encourages others to lend their support to the cause. Igor Purlantov has also founded a charity, the Spartacus Foundation, that helps to support animal rescue centers and shelters.

The important lessons taught at the University of Virginia extend well beyond the classroom. Community leaders are developed as well. Igor Purlantov encourages anyone who is considering law school to investigate the wonderful programs and resources available to students at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Igor Purlantov on Animal Rights

Igor Purlantov studied law at the University Of Virginia School Of Law. He has a thorough understanding of the law. Igor Purlantov also understands that laws exist to protect the rights of individuals. He is concerned about the rights of animals who too often go unprotected. Igor Purlantov is a crusader for animal rights. He is devoted to promoting humane and ethical treatment for all animals. He is appalled by the abuse of animals that occurs every day. Igor Purlantov cites a few of the atrocities to which animals are subjected; dog fighting, over breeding, physical abuse, and neglect.

IgorPurlantov uses social media to promote his cause. He sees it as a way to reach a mass audience effectively. Igor Purlantov hosts a successful Twitter account that has many devoted followers. He is able to share current information immediately with fellow animal rights supporters and animal lovers all over the world. Igor Purlantov likes connecting with other people who share his commitment to ending animal abuse.

Igor Purlantov has been recognized for his work with animals. He has received many awards and accolades that emphasize his compassion for animals. Igor Purlantov is proud of this recognition. He encourages others to consider volunteering to help animals. The rewards of volunteering with animals are enormous according to Igor Purlantov. He sees immense value in investing in the care and protection of animals. Igor Purlantov suggests some simple things that everyone can do to help animals. People should refuse to buy an animal unless they have met the breeder and can verify the condition of the kennel. This helps to stop puppy mill sales. People can also speak out if they see evidence of animal abuse. Recognizing and reporting cruelty can save an animal's life. Igor Purlantov stresses that animals need people to speak and act for them. The rights of animals should not be ignored.