Friday, 15 February 2013

Igor Purlantov on Animal Rights

Igor Purlantov studied law at the University Of Virginia School Of Law. He has a thorough understanding of the law. Igor Purlantov also understands that laws exist to protect the rights of individuals. He is concerned about the rights of animals who too often go unprotected. Igor Purlantov is a crusader for animal rights. He is devoted to promoting humane and ethical treatment for all animals. He is appalled by the abuse of animals that occurs every day. Igor Purlantov cites a few of the atrocities to which animals are subjected; dog fighting, over breeding, physical abuse, and neglect.

IgorPurlantov uses social media to promote his cause. He sees it as a way to reach a mass audience effectively. Igor Purlantov hosts a successful Twitter account that has many devoted followers. He is able to share current information immediately with fellow animal rights supporters and animal lovers all over the world. Igor Purlantov likes connecting with other people who share his commitment to ending animal abuse.

Igor Purlantov has been recognized for his work with animals. He has received many awards and accolades that emphasize his compassion for animals. Igor Purlantov is proud of this recognition. He encourages others to consider volunteering to help animals. The rewards of volunteering with animals are enormous according to Igor Purlantov. He sees immense value in investing in the care and protection of animals. Igor Purlantov suggests some simple things that everyone can do to help animals. People should refuse to buy an animal unless they have met the breeder and can verify the condition of the kennel. This helps to stop puppy mill sales. People can also speak out if they see evidence of animal abuse. Recognizing and reporting cruelty can save an animal's life. Igor Purlantov stresses that animals need people to speak and act for them. The rights of animals should not be ignored.

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