Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Providing Shelter to the Speechless With Mugshot Campaign

Igor Purlantov is an animal rights advocate who has a deep concern for animals and cares greatly about animal rights around the world. He works hard to raise awareness on issues such as animal abuse, neglect and poaching and puts a lot of effort into showing how much animals really do provide in our everyday life.

Mr. Igor Purlantov has been closely studying animal adoptions around the world. His research has led him to conclude that among all animals up for adoption, it is black dogs and cats that are the last to be adopted.  People generally do not prefer adopting them. There is even a term for this problem as it is known as “black dog syndrome”. To find a suitable shelter for these speechless animals has become a very difficult task.

Mr. Igor Purlantov says there are several factors that contribute to the lower adoption levels of these animals. There is a silly superstition that these animals are unlucky and also television and media wrongly portray these black cats and dogs as dangerous and horrifying. This prevents people from being attracted to these wonderful animals. Unfortunately it is also difficult to take very good and attractive pictures of black cats and dogs so there are fewer advertisements for these animals. People then do not notice them and are thus unable to appreciate how attractive and cute they really are in person.

According to Mr. Igor Purlantov people from animal shelters are now committed to combating the problem of black dog syndrome. They have come up with many creative ideas to encourage more people to adopt these cats and dogs. These efforts have been successful and have increased the adoption rates of these animals.

As part of these efforts, shelters have started mugshot campaigns for proper advertisement of these animals. This campaign provides best the pictures of the animals to make them stand out and attract more would be adopters. The shelters are using techniques like dressing up the animals, using colorful blankets or attractive backgrounds to brighten the images. Photographers like Mr Casteel have also launched programs to train volunteers to take mugshot pictures of the animals.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Follow Igor Purlantov to Learn How to Succeed

Igor Purlantov is a man with many entrepreneurial dimensions. He is one of the most promising entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe in real estate and telecom at his age. Although he has scaled up great heights as an entrepreneur already in his career, he is still under 40 and has a lot more ahead of him.  It is sometimes hard to believe what can be achieved by someone at such a young age until you follow the career path of Igor Purlantov.

He is a man of great premonition, although he is far from being an astrologer.  His ability to forecast business trends and cycles is due in large part to his willingness and ability to read and learn from others.  He is constantly surrounding himself with knowledge and information from experts in various industries and sectors that are of interest to him.

He is also a man of great character and determination.  It was this determination that led him to invest in Las Vegas real estate as early as 2000 in Las Vegas when few investors were paying attention to the market. Likewise, he was also one of the first to invest in second generation telecom in Eastern Europe in 2008 long before investors were paying attention to that sector or market.  His predictions in these two sectors came to fruition, much to the surprise of many market experts, thanks in large part to his deep knowledge and understanding of market trends and cycles.  It was also his business acumen that won him many international accolades and awards including  the CIS International Entrepreneurship award in 2011, he AIM Top 100 Balkan Portfolio Managers award in 2011, the  Balkan 40 Under 40 award the same year and the AIM Top 200 Fund Managers CIS in 2010 and 2011.

The true story and passion behind Igor Purlantov can be found in the Spartacus Foundation. Named after his beloved cat that lived to be only 3 years old, the foundation provides charitable services and donations to various animal charities and shelters across the United States and Europe.  As the founder and CEO, Igor is passionate about raising awareness for the ethical treatment of animals worldwide, thereby making our planet a better place for both humans and animals alike.