Friday, 1 March 2013

Investing in Real Estate With Igor Purlantov

Igor Purlantov is a well respected real estate investor. He manages an impressive portfolio that includes properties in the United States and Europe. The recent bursting of the housing bubble has left many investors wondering if real estate is still a sound investment. Other investors are eager to scoop up deals while prices are low. Igor Purlantov suggests considering a variety of factors when dealing with real estate purchases. Myriad elements can affect real estate profit.

Real estate is certainly a complex business. Real estate transactions can be complicated and may require an attorney. Sometimes developers are required to obtain variances from local governments in order to see development occur on the land. Remodeling and alterations can be affected by a property's location in certain historic districts within cities. Foreclosures and short sales in a neighborhood can affect the home values of nearby properties.

Igor Purlantov suggests that all potential real estate investments should be evaluated in person. He suggests making a checklist before heading out to the property. The check list will vary depending on the type of real estate. Condition should be a primary factor in evaluating real estate. Estimated cost of repairs in another factor that investors should take into consideration. The purchase of raw land will obviously require some research on the part of the investor. An investor would be wise to pull all public records related to a property before making any offers. Title service companies can provide this information or the investor can research county records and secure the information. Igor Purlantov suggests gathering as much information as possible for any potential real estate purchase. Igor Purlantov suggests that any surprises one may potentially find can play out one of two ways; walk away or use the information to negotiate a more favorable price.

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